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Aug 13, 2013 8:00am EDT
quality of life within our community. and from the texas board of legal specialization, board certified attorneys in your community, experienced, respected and tested. also by hillco partners, texas government affairs consultancy and it's global health care consulting business unit, hillco health. and by the alice kleberg reynolds foundation and viewers like you. thank you. >> i'm evan smith. he's a 35 year veteran of the washington post, widely hailed as one of the most insightful and best source political reporters in the country. he's dan blaz, this is overheard. >> dan dallas, welcome. good on to see you again. >> always glad to be in austin. >> 35 years at the post means that jimmy carter was president when you came to the paper. so wash hasn't changed. >> no, no. exactly the same. >> exactly the same. >> we all still have lust in our hearts. >> everyone gets along. >> a little bit of malaise, but if you can get past that, it's fine. >> then there was a reagan period. >> yeah, a little bit of change and then it came back. you witnessed -- we'll talk about journalism short
Aug 22, 2013 8:00am EDT
juicio, del acusado de matar a trece personas en texas, en el 2009, se iniciarÍa hoy mismo las deliberaciones, si lo declaran culpable, serÍa enviado a la sala de ejecuciones para pagar su delito, con su propia vida, hasan no testificÓ, la Única evidencia que enviÓ a jurado, eso una evaluaciÓn de su jefe que lo califica como buen soldado, el gobierno de obama revelÓ secretos de espionaje. reconociÓ que ordeno a la agencia de seguridad nacional, dejar de revisar e-mail de estadounidenses que no tenÍan relaciÓn con el terrorismo, serÍan 56 mil correos electrÓnicos, una corte le ordenÓ a la agencia que lo hiciera, tambiÉn en respuesta por parte del gobierno, las filtraciones, del ex analista de filtraciÓn de inteligecia, y prÓfugo de autoridades edward snowden. policÍas de massachusetts tienen una nueva visiÓn contra el delito, lentes equipados con minicÁmaras que captan lo que tiene alrededor. la cÁmara esta adherida a gafas, y graba cada movimiento de cabeza de la gente que la utiliza, cuando detecta a un conductor con exceso de velocidad, o suceso sospechoso
Aug 3, 2013 12:00am PDT
turned partisan politics on its head in one summer. between the far reaches of texas and the atlantic ocean in 1964, the very first ones came up. the chapter right in the middle shows how the power of race and the power of this movement really drove partisan politics in ways that people do not appreciate today. that is part of our misremembering. we do not want to remember how powerful a force race can be in our politics. tavis: this was really one of the greatest movements, but what does your study of this era say about the through line that allows us to go from moment to momentum to movement. you can talk about drones or others. >> that is a wonderful question. that is what i talked to my students about. i am trying to teach this history myself. the inspirational thing, the college kids, starting in 1960 and the freedom ride, they argued about this all night. what is our responsibility? what is the citizen's role? do we have a role, even if they say we are not citizens and cannot vote? the inspirational thing about someone like diane nash, even if we are not allowed to vote
Aug 21, 2013 12:00am PDT
sense, estelle. anthony hamilton, the southern soul singer, and gary clark jr., the austin, texas blues boy. tavis: pancho sanchez. >> pancho sanchez. tavis: sheila e. >> sheila. tavis: you've got them all, man. you called in some favors on this one. speaking of calling in favors, i guess one of the reasons why you can do that, as i said at the top, you have played with just about anybody who was everybody. >> i've played with a lot of people. tavis: yeah. why so many collaborations? it's a beautiful thing, but for you, why so many collaborations over the years? >> well, all these great people bring out the best in me. [laughter] tavis: when you say it brings out the best in you, let me ask another way. is there a particular genre that brings out the best in you? you can play this hammond b-3 behind anybody, or with anybody, but what brings out, what kind of music brings out the best in you? >> the truth is there's more than one genre. gospel music was the first for me, and then just around the corner was the blues that i loved, around the corner on beale street. i spent many hour
Aug 19, 2013 8:00am EDT
california los Ángeles ya se siente, 78♪. ♪. ♪. (risas) sseguimos aquÍ en texas, aqui estÁ san antonio, 96 la gente estÁ que plancha el diablo afuera, quÉ les parece. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. cual>>> nos vamos. para mi rancho, nos vemos mÁs al rato, quÉ les parece. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> vÁmonos. ♪. ♪. ♪. (risas) >>> ay quÉ bien! que bÁrbaro. >>> espectacular. >>> espectacular. karlita. >>> muchacha. oye. >>> venga, venga. >>> aquÍ hay que ingeniarselas. >>> sÍ, hay que hacer de todo. >>> hay que justificar el sueldo. >>> cÓmo va. >>> quÉ les parece? ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> ya, ya. >>> ana ya. >>> llegÓ el momento. >>> nos tienes en ascuas hace una hora. >>> de lo que quiero compartir con ustedes, en "despierta amÉrica", y la familia qume ve todos los dÍas, en el 2010, mi vida privada no fue tan privada, me aceptaron con mis errores y fracasos, con lo que logrÉ personaly profesionalmente, es una alegrÍa para mi decirles la buena noticia de hoy, les abro el corazÓn como lo hice siempre por la pantalla, de aquÍ de "despierta amÉrica". como saben regresÉ de un viaje de dos
Aug 22, 2013 12:00am PDT
, arkansas and texas. i never spentand -- i mean, we never picked up on that. so i don't know. when you say you did your own job about that, she knew how i felt. but she could have gone the other way. who knows? but she had that love of humanity. i love when she said "i don't know why people, when they enter a room, don't smile enough. because when you do that, the whole world opens up to you. i can honestly say i feel joy on a daily basis." that was who she was. tavis: how does a mother process having a daughter asked her to finish her work? that is an admission that i won't make it. >>) yet. -- right. yep. i wanted to be able to say to her i would do it. but i had to be honest. as i say, her request had been a burden until they figured out, you know, we can do even more , by letting showing the reader in on who carrie was rather than just finishing her story, which is in this -- interesting in its own. so once i got the key of how to do this, i just started on my computer. i write on the computer. i swear, i felt her on my right shoulder. i just felt -- i know she was in here. i felt her
Aug 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
and it may become a tropical storm as it heads toward perhaps the texas gulf coast next week, we'll have to watch that one. 79, increasing clouds tomorrow. scattered showers and cooler than normal temperatures sunday and monday. warmer and more humid weather returns around the middle of next week. >> cause for concern? sure. cause for panic? hardly. two games into the preseason, the ravens first team offense has yet to shine. last night against atlanta the first unit had a great interest but only managed three first downs in the first half. the second quarter interception, undermined a first quarter touchdown for joe flacco and torre smith. but it also highlighted the need for ongoing work between flacco and his receiving core in the next two preseason games. flacco will not play most likely in the fourth preseason game. backup quarterback taylor continues to enjoy a productive august, two touchdowns last night. and tanner also showed a nice short passing game. 27-23 win. easy to see why the ravens brought in stokely and clark, they need more consistent targets for joe flacco to fin
Aug 20, 2013 8:00am EDT
de texas ted cruz quitÓ una piedra del camino a su nominaciÓn como candidato presidencial republicano al anunciar su renuncia a la ciudadanÍa de canadÁ. naciÓ en canadÁ, de padre cubano, y madre estadounidense, y tiene tÉcnicamente la doble ciudadanÍa, dijo que vive en estados unidos desde los 4 aÑos, y nunca hizo para reclamar la ciudadanÍa canadiense, y va a renunciar a ella. >>> y hablando de personajes de la polÍtica, mientras avanza la campaÑa para pedir la destituciÓn del alcalde de san diego, empiezan conversaciones para arreglas extrajudiciales por demandas de acoso sexual en su contra, una de doce mujeres que alega ser vÍctima, conversÓ con un juez mediador, y continÚa la recolecciÓn de firmas de votantes para pedir la revocaciÓn del mandato del alcalde. las grandes ligas, insisten que alex rodrÍguez divulgue evidencias que lo vinculan con un caso de dopaje que derivarÓn en la suspensiÓn de 211 juegos al astro de los yankees de nueva york. el vicepresidente de mayores, manfred, pidiÓ al beisbolista que accediera a divulgar las evidencias, su abogado rechaz
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8